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menulis adalah salah satu hobi saya, meskipun tulisan alakadarnya, apapun saya tulis di blog pribadi saya ini, entah itu tentang kesukaan mengenai sepeda motor, perjalanan bermotor, jalan jalan, kuliner, pengalaman sehari-hari saya dijalan pas sedang kejar setoran dan sebagainya, tidak menyangka ternyata aktivitas sebagai blogger ini bisa menambah banyak manfaat bagi diri pribadi saya, sehingga sampai saat ini masih ditekuni.

admin blog saat ini tinggal dan beraktivitas secara nomaden di seputaran Ungaran, Kota Semarang atau mlipir sedikit ke Pantura di Kota Demak.

terima kasih telah merelakan sedikit bandwith-nya untuk mampir di blog saya ini , 😀

semoga sedikit postingan di blog ini bisa memberikan manfaat kepada para pembaca, saya mengharapkan kritik dan saran membangun dari pembaca serta pengunjung sekalian, terima kasih.

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  1. jahe = remcakram 😀 hehhe tinimbang gur koemnt tok sekalian bikin opini sendiri kan bro…:D salam kenal !

  2. karena saya bekum kenal maka saya kenalan dulu…. salam kenal… bagaimana khabarnya… sudah makan apa belum… tadi pagi minum susu apa belum…. nangis nggak… ealah kok koyo nanyain anak kecit… Salam kenal…. berhubung ternyata isi blog ada bau mesin dan oli maka blog anda akan saya masukkan ke link saya…

  3. gak lah om…
    buat apaan sih bikin hal yang baru dan bukan passion kita?
    mau serius,fun,gw akan naruh tulisan2 gw di blogku..
    semoga langgeng sampai akhir jaman..

  4. wekeke, saya sukane jalan jalan gt bawa motor ya turing kecil kecilan gt deh, kayanya yg paling reasonable bagi saya ya NMP ditilik dari fitur dan tenaga, soal bodi sy ga ada masalah sih 😀

  5. hmmm belum ngambil kok bro..bebener bener skrng ini pusing milih, terlalu banyak info dan referensi..hahahaha, kalau[un NMP saya pasti ngambil yg warna silver bukan yg lain 😀

  6. bro, saya pengen tuh pasang box yang kokoh di satria FU saya,
    abis udah nggak pacaran lagi :D, jadi bapak rumah tangga 😛
    saya add di fb ya.
    thank you

  7. Trizilo Juni 6, 2010 pukul 4:21 am

    karena saya bekum kenal maka saya kenalan dulu…. salam kenal… bagaimana khabarnya… sudah makan apa belum… tadi pagi minum susu apa belum…. nangis nggak… ealah kok koyo nanyain anak kecit… Salam kenal…. berhubung ternyata isi blog ada bau mesin dan oli maka blog anda akan saya masukkan ke link saya…

    Mas Koment diatas di delete aja…..

    Soale blogku yang dulu sudah saya kubur dan gantinya ini…..


    Terima kasih……

  8. wah ternyata saya belum ngisi buku tamu,mudah2an gak dianggap penyusup :mrgreen:
    ehem..ehem*lancarkan tenggorokan*
    salam kenal dari SidRap Sulawesi Selatan Mas bro.
    semoga blognya lancar jaya

  9. Ass salm kenal mas bro…sy jg orang boyolali akan tetapi tinggal di Bekasi….mudah2an bisa makan soto bareng…..*sotofreak*

  10. Salam kenal mas,aku yo wong demak ki,yg tiap hari kerjanya disemarang,mungkin sesekali kita bisa ketemu nyruput kopi bareng,hehehe…

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  12. Rusty,It just seems an interesting phenomena that congregations are implicitly homogeneously white and yet explicitly promote heterogeneity w/o any cognitive dissonance. In other words consciously they promote diversity but subconsciously they live uniformity w/o being aware of their subconscious tendencies.

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  28. Defending others who share a similarity with oneself in a vain attempt to protect one self's own ego isn't a compassionate act, it's just projection."She's unattractive, I'm unattractive, but if I stop people from calling her ugly, maybe they'll think I'm pretty."Bah.

  29. good job parents! i love the valentine puppy cards! i was never one into making cards until after we had our emily. it was just ridiculous to send out cards to all the grandparents and great grandparents from hallmark…i mean $2-3 a card x20?!? we make ours now too!

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  44. If the City Fathers would have built the cloverleaf as it was designed,(on ramps, and off ramps), 25 years ago, there would be considerabley less need for traffic lights, and gravestones in the Hat. There again, the businesses were concerned no one would stop, if there were no traffic lights on the highway. What would it take to put proper accesses to the cloverleaf, and do away with all of the stupid service roads/intersections?

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  48. Praying that I can do this!!!! Our denomination doesn’t make much of Lent, but I’ve always wanted to do something special. James is the book for me this year and I will be memorizing it. I read my Bible on my computer in NKJV and it’s the same translation that I memorize.

  49. *sigh* really?I wasn’t slamming Bruder’s work. He’s awesome, his buildings are awesome. He’s a hero of mine too. He’s still wrong on this point though. laser cutters won’t replace hand modelling, so everyone calm down. They are really good at some things, and not so good at other things. Just like framing hammers and autoCAD.

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